Sadly the web is dead. How annoying, my dad was just getting the hang of it. I did an interview last week, which should be going online this evening and mentioned, in passing, that I thought the web was a lot like CB-Radio (and I’ve linked that for the benefit for those of you who may be under 30 years of age). Yes, to me, the web is a lot like CB-Radio, but with pictures. Now I’m sure that wiser and cleverer people than myself have made this comparison before but frankly I can’t be bothered to search for them but one thing I think they may have missed, and this is especially true of twitter and to a certain extent Facebook, is the fact that, although the web is like a big archive with search engines and caches and things, it has become very “instant” or “time specific”. Let me try and explain.


I’d been playing with this idea for a while. One afternoon I was feeling a bit grumpy and listening to Pink Floyd (as you do) and decided that my twitter characters might like to sing along with what I was listening to. The picture gives a false impression of what was actually happening their tweets were, of course mixed up with all the other tweets of everybody that follows them. The whole thing only really lasted a couple of minutes too, so you really had to be following them and be online to see what was going on. I’ve used this a great deal over the last couple of years. At first I was concerned that people might miss something but over time I’ve come to enjoy the fact that smaller audiences experience or witness certain bits/moments in any given story. Twitter is good for this. Although it is kind of still “there” the moment has gone, especially when there is real interaction with other people because, when you’re in character, you’re forced to improvise. 

Now then, CB-Radio. I used to do CB-Radio when I was a kid and I have to admit that I bloody loved it; I loved the language, having a handle and I loved having the kit and sending my dad up to the loft to fix the antennae. There was a community in our area and we would arrange to “meet up” on air and just chat and stuff. There was an emergency channel, there were freaks and there were some pretty creepy people there too. And it was random. I think I miss it a bit. 

So I was thinking I might grab myself some kit, nothing fancy, just enough to get the job done and I was wondering if anyone else fancied having a go. Just to see if we could do anything with it. Any takers?

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