I have hurt and disappointed a number of people in my life and I bet you have too. Those of you who saw my talk at Interesting North know that I’m quite open about my story and accept the responsibility for my actions. I never did anything evil and I never broke the law but I still managed to get myself in an emotional place that hurt a hell of a lot of people. I sort out help and I got it and slowly and quietly I was able to get better and slowly rebuild the trust with the people I had hurt.

This all happened before people started blogging, had Facebook accounts and spread the word on twitter and I’m glad that those things weren’t around back then because, in light of what’s happening with Sam, I would have been destroyed.

The contents of the document that outline Sam’s alleged activities have shocked me. It would appear, if the contents are true, that he has repeatedly hurt people and made some serious mistakes and my heart truly goes out to the people involved. Some of these people I know personally. Sam, if you read this – you really need to get some help and I would like an honest explanation for that text message you sent me.

But I am very concerned. I’m concerned that anger has been blinding judgement. It’s seems to me that the crowd in the coliseum have smelt blood. “The tribe” is ready to remove “this cancer”. There is no reflection, just a general bundle to tweet, retweet and destroy; today the plannersphere died.

I’ve just been left wondering if it really is our responsibility to decide if Sam should work in advertising again. If crimes have been committed and there’s documented proof of these crimes, surely that’s a matter for the police? To those demanding to know where he is; what are you going to do when you find him? Drag him out into the street and stone him?

If true, Sam’s actions are despicable. Without reflection so are ours.

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