A colleague has just shown me a little app for the iPhone and I must admit that I think it’s splendid. As some of you may remember, I was briefly (for about three whole hours) a huge fan of chatroulette. That was full of naked body parts so I ran away. Photoswap is an app for the iPhone and works in pretty much the same way as chatroulette but with photos (and at the moment naked body parts).

It’s dead easy to use. You take a picture and the system swaps it with someone and then you can start a little photo-dialogue with them. I love this kind of stuff and so does Mario.


I think I’m going to have fun with this. Good afternoon.

1 Comment on Photoswap. Chatroulette but without the willies.

  1. Six pictures, then a man’s pubic area. Nice idea, but it would be more enjoyable if it was more in response to, and all responses to an image could be aggregated, rather than just a random image. Maybe not. Hmm. Nice.

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