Good morning. Did you enjoy the Super Bowl? I didn’t watch it myself, but hey, I’m an Englishman living in Bavaria so what do you expect? 



Some of you may remember that I went through a phase of being the Virgin Mary (if you are new here, I do that from time to time) and when I spotted Diesel’s “Stupid is Immortal” facebook campaign… well, I just felt obliged to help them out a little.

The winner gets a statue of them being stupid. The runners-up get an official postal stamp featuring them being stupid. I’ve no idea what all of this has to do with Diesel (may be Diesel is stupid) but I think Germany deserves to have a bronze of the Kaiser being the Virgin Mary. 

So it would be splendid if you could click on this link and vote for my stupidity.

May the force be with you. 



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