Hello Mirko,

I was at that conference the other day. You know the one you spoke at. Money was spent so that I could watch you give a presentation that looked a little like a presentation you gave a couple of months back. That presentation has been viewed nearly 22 thousand times on slideshare, which is quite a lot for a German presentation.


In your “new improved” presentation you talked about the Old Spice campaign and if I understood you correctly (I may be wrong, I’m a foreigner after all) you didn’t think that it was particualry successful. In fact you asked the audience for a show of hands. Everybody knew the campaign, and when you asked if anybody had since bought Old Spice well, nobody had. I think that was your point.

I feel I must correct you. Sorry, old love, but I must.

You see, there weren’t any Americans in the room. More to the point, there weren’t any American women in the room. They were the target audience for the campaign. I think you should have maybe pointed that out. And the campaign is for a particular Old Spice product; shower gel. Another thing you should have pointed out is the fact that sales for Old Spice shower gel rose by 107%

In my opinion you should have pointed those things out. But you didn’t. That’s a tiny bit naughty.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J—aiyznGQ]

Warm regards,

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