So, you know, I left. I liked google plus a lot but the real name policy is such a bloody farce that I decided I couldn’t stay anymore. Which is a shame. Because I really liked it.

I’m hearing rumours that the argument is still going on, it may even be picking up a little bit of momentum. I get emails and things that tell me so, which feels odd – like I’m some kind of dissident or something. I asked people on Diaspora to say hi to people on g+ too, which is really odd and probably silly but I miss them.

That was the thing I liked most about it over on google+. The people. The new people, who funnily enough, were mostly German. There was that Sixtus chap, Kathrin Passig, Markus Angermeier, Christoph Kappes, Torrid Luna and many, many more that I had never heard of before and thoroughly enjoyed following. There were of course a lot of old chums (you know who you are). There was, of course, Herr Breitenbach. There was, of course, Sascha. Many thanks, hello and much love to you all. I’m alright. I’m not dead. There is a life after google+. Logun’s run, etc.

So, I’ll be blogging again. I’ll probably be writing more about this kind of stuff for a while. About identity. About the way of the web. About me and probably about you.

Good afternoon.

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