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If you are new here, you may wish to have a look at these posts.

I’d like to introduce you to the beginnings of the growing army of the army of me. It is an ever growing army of real names – my name. Here are some of me on google+. All on policy. Three real Marcus John Henry Brown’s.




I’d like to introduce you to a few versions of me that are currently living on Twitter. They actually live (are being informed) somewhere else but I’ll get to that later.






So with the acception of this blog, I’m beginning to automate myself within the social web. I’m using Philter Phactory’s wonderful weavrs.com plattform (none of the technology being used here was developed by any version of me – it was all developed and engineered by The Philter Phactory – many thanks to David and his team) to create this little army. I’m feeding my own persona into the weavrs’ system and mapping out my own personal history. The weavrs post, tweet, listen to music, check in to places and learn new skills. I’m currently running a series of 40 year old versions of myself that live in Munich here, here and here, as well a series of 10 year old versions of me living in Woolston (where I grew up in England). Here they are.





Each version of me has a slightly different state and publishes accordingly. You can ask all the versions of me questions too and we will try our best to answer.

All you have to do is send on of me a tweet or hit the “ask me” button on one of my weavr blogs. I should warn you that all of me are pretty snarky. Oh, and for those of you who think that klout and influence are important; if you think that you are defining your online presence/personality/identity through rankings etc, my army of me have klout scores too:


This is just the beginning. By the time I’m finished it will be impossible to tell the real Marcus John Henry Brown’s from the other Marcus John Henry Brown’s.  I’ll keep you up to date. Good afternoon.

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