Last night, at around twenty minutes to midnight, this blog had a visitor. There’s nothing really very strange about that. It happens from time to time. This visitor spent the next five hours having a jolly good look around, which has also been known to happen. The strange thing is, I’ve never seen this visitor before and I’ve been writing and running blogs (a lot of blogs) for a quite some time now and you do get to know the people who come and visit versions of your digital self.

The new visitor was a Facebook bot.

In fact it was a number of Facebook bots.

Now, bots, spiders, crawlers and the-what-not aren’t new, obviously. Google bots regularly come and say “good day” as do a number of other digital creepy crawlies but I’ve never seen the Facebook Bot. Have you?

So, a big welcome to you Facebook bot, from all of me at the The Kaiser Rises. I only wonder if Microsoft and Bing know what you are up too?

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