Neither Food blogging, nor Expert blogging appeared to ring the Huffington Post Germany’s bell. Did I get a call?  No. An email? No. I must try harder, obviously. So today, I’m going to have a go at photo blogging and I thought I’d document the drama and passion of walking to work. I should point out that it is currently drizzling in Munich and the light isn’t great – which kind of ruins everything. Everything. Anyway.

IMG_0060This is what I see when I leave our flat. Normally I see my wife, but she was of doing something with the car (fixing it probably) so I was on my own this morning.  I’m afraid of heights.

IMG_0061Then I stand in front of the doors to the lift. I normally look at my wife, but she’s not here this morning.

IMG_0062Then I get in the lift. It has buttons and glass and lights and everything.

IMG_0064Outside, on the street, on the corner, there is a cafe. They have put up their Christmas decorations. I hate Christmas.

IMG_0066This is tracht. I can see it. I took a photograph of it. #nofilter.


A little later I walk past a wall. The wall of a school. It has been painted by children. I hate this painted wall. Paint it white for heaven’s sake and let the vandals spray on it.


Then I get to the corner of this street. I always have to wait at the lights here. It’s always red. Everybody in Munich hates this corner. It is a bastard corner.

IMG_0077And then I get to work. I work at We Are Social. This is the back of my boss. My boss is called Bastian. We’ve put a sticker on the back of his chair so that he can remember that he is the boss and his name is Bastian.

I am now drinking a coffee.

Good morning.

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