The title of this post is obviously misleading. Snapchat cannot be used for your content marketing strategy because: a) your content marketing strategy is shit and b) there is no such thing as content marketing. Content marketing is a lie. I should know because I made it up. I was thinking of writing a content marketing book for O’Reilly and insisting that they use a unicorn on the cover; a unicorn farting a beautiful rainbow.

There are also no pro tips in this post. Seriously, if you think you need pro tips for Snapchat then you may wish to consider hammering your head against a bed of nails until your brain oozes out of your ears. That is a very disturbing image to have conjured up, I’m sorry.

Anyway. Snapchat.

I like Snapchat. My Snapchat strategy is to have good mates who like to have a laugh. If you do not have great friends with humour you should probably stay away from Snapchat because you will inevitably realise that you are the sorriest, saddest and most disappointed individual on the face of this rather disappointing planet. If you do have great mates with lots of humour then Snapchat is EXACTLY where you need to be.

Stick that up your content marketing strategy and whistle “Like A Wrecking Ball” sweetly in my ear.

Good evening.

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