Content Marketing


I mentioned yesterday that content marketing is a nonsense and I was thinking about writing a book about it. I started typing around the age of 18, I am now 42. That’s 24 years of typing and during this time I have started to write approximately 67.24 books. I have never finished any of them. Sometimes I would sit in a leather chair next to a warm open fire and consider what book I would like to write next. I would let my mind wonder to far off distant places; places full of strange characters, situations and twists and turns. Sometimes the sun would shine. Sometimes it would rain. Sometimes there would be love and other times their would be murder. Never finished a damn book. Ever.

I digress.

Content Marketing is a nonsense so I’m going to write a book about how you can use it to leverage any bullshit bingo term that your PowerPoint presentation may require. Obviously, that’s not going to happen so I’ve started with the cover.

Hit me with a Snapchat if you have any questions.

Good evening.

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