This may become a series. Actually no it won’t.


Another misleading title, I’m afraid, as I’m going to pack the last two weeks into this post.

Young people.
This week I realised that I spend a disproportionate amount of time with people who are considerably younger than me. This is fine as long as the head count of young people remains around 30 young people. I spent a weekend with 200 young people.

Business Travel.
I’ve been travelling a lot lately. On trains. I hate trains. I was also on a plane or two. I hate planes. I did manage to get to the correct city on every single occasion, which doesn’t always happen but that is a story we’ll save for another time. That is all I can say about business travel.

Excellence on Snapchat.
It has been an excellent week on Snapchat. Seriously good work on Snapchat this week. Special mentions go to Kai, Christopher and Steffi. And Sascha. Yeah, Sascha is doing alright on Snapchat. Gregory is terrible at Snapchat. Yeah, Gregory is shit at Snapchat.

The Strangest Hotel Ever.
I stayed in the strangest hotel ever this week. It was in Cologne. It didn’t have a reception, just keypads and code numbers. My room looked like something out of “a clockwork orange”. I sent all of my Snapchat friends pictures of my room.

Smoke Free.
I have been smoke free for 11 days 4 hours and 40 minutes.

A Discotheque.
I went to a Discotheque and danced around a lot. I sweated a lot too. That’s three things I haven’t done in about twenty years. I also nearly got beaten up by someone who was obviously on cocaine. That tends to happen all the time. My colleague Sebastian tried to save me and our colleague Julia ended up saving him. I also pole danced underneath a table. There is a video to prove this. My wife saw the video last night.

Good evening.

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