Is this in your agency presentation? Bet you’ve always wanted to smash your head on a spike every single time you see it.

Long-term observers of contemporary blog culture will be familiar with the “in case you missed it” mechanic. Some of you, however, may actually have lives so I’ll have to explain it to you.

In the crazy world of online performance marketing you’ll discover that we have things like “retargeting”. Retargeting is an advertising format that follows you around: you look at shoes in an online shop, an advert for shoes follows you around, etc. I was once in a Google presentation where a young man explained to a baffled audience that it was like being followed around by cucumbers. Anyway. Businesses pay for this kind of advertising.

Observers of contemporary blog culture will have noticed that most bloggers refuse to pay for a damn thing so they use supposedly free platforms such as Twitter or Facebook to tell you about what they have just written.

I do this to.

The “in case you missed it” mechanic is very similar to some kind of manual retargeting. The blogger in question wrote something earlier and they can see from their analytics that nobody has bothered to look read it so they’ll spend all day running around the Internet shouting “in case you missed it” at people until someone, anyone, reads their damn blog post.

I don’t do this.

I don’t do this because it’s a) pathetic b) I’ve never posted anything worth not missing.

Until yesterday.

Here’s my in case you missed it moment.


In case you missed it, I shaved yesterday and it didn’t go very well. As I mentioned in this post (observers of contemporary blog culture will appreciate the combination of “in case you missed it” combined with a link to another post that the reader will most certainly have missed), I don’t shave very often and when I do, I shave in the shower and never use a mirror. I’ve never had problems with this. Until yesterday. Yesterday I shaved half of my face off.

Have a good week.

Good morning.

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  1. I am currently being hounded/harassed/hoodwinked into the purchase of an Extension Ladder by the ‘youwantme’ autobots. I don’t need an Extension Ladder anymore. I borrowed one of my Dad.

    Savlon savlon,

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