My blackberry glass glasses. Very modern.
My blackberry glass glasses. Very modern.

As Simon points out in his wonderful post, there has a been a fundamental shift in who is cool in business. People who worked in advertising were once magnificent and cool but now people who work in technology are cool. Bankers were never cool. Bankers are shit.

This isn’t a post about advertising, it is a post about the fact that you look like a massive anus when you put on a pair of Google-Glass(es), and I believe that this has something to do with this shift in coolness.

As Simon rightly says advertising folk should pop over to the SXSW and learn lots of new things like programming, smoking pulled pork and finding out what cosplay is and, from what I’ve seen, most of these things (except for programming) have been going on. Well done everyone. It is however, hugely amusing to watch formally (this spelling mistake was corrected by Sebastian per Snapchat. Thank you.) formerly cool people assume the posture of currently cool people and I’m rather enjoying the awkwardness of advertising folk engaging in Oscar-Selfie mode and trying to build a business model around it. Other highlights include bewildered advertising executives starring at dancing cosplay characters and 99% of the people who had their photograph taken next to grumpy cat.

Some Germans sat in a house and waffled on about something. Live. Every morning.

All this is fine. All this is good. Hell, even I’ve been messing around with technology (actually I just wrote some filth and the technologists with photshopped finger nails did all the coding) and we put the Internet up the backside of a Teddie Ruxpin. Yes, messing around is fine but there are a few cultural crimes you can commit whilst making the move from one cool to the other. The biggest crime of all is wearing Google-Glass and letting someone take a photograph of you. There is just no excuse for it. You look like a massive anus. You don’t look cool and you don’t look dangerous. Big Bang Theory shouldn’t be your benchmark. One of the most remarkable comments from that ridiculously dull Edward Snowden livestream yesterday (did you notice that, of all the live streaming technologies they could have chosen, they went with Google Hangout? Think about that.) was the statement that “the cryptographers are pissed”. That’s breaking bad for you right there.

As I mentioned yesterday over on the Facebook channel, it might be pertinent to step back and take a good, long hard look at your life if you let someone take a photograph of you wearing Google-Glass. The gentleman who was wearing the fake Google Glass at the re:publica last year really needs to get a good hard bloody purchase on his life.

This, it would appear, is a nasty little side effect of the paradigm shift in coolness: another is the fact that artists, art historians and thespians will need to start to learn how to program algorithms.

By the way the CeBIT is on.

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