There’s an awful lot going on right now: some of which I can talk about and some I can’t. Here’s some news that I can obviously talk about:


re:publica 14 - INTO THE WILD

I’ve been up for the last couple of hours writing my re:publica thing, which is called “Pledge, Turn, Prestige – The Snowden Pitch”. The writing of which is obviously going so well that I’ve decided to write this blogpost instead. I’m very excited about this actually because I’m planning to have the Snowden Pitch as the centerpiece of a new live show. More news about that in the coming weeks. I’ll be on stage 2 at 17:30 hrs on the afternoon of the 6th of May, so do pop by if you get the chance. Don’t bother looking for a live stream of my talk, that’ll be reserved for my good friend Sascha. Silicon Allee wanted to know more about the talk and asked me some questions, the answers to which you can read here.

I can’t Deutsch.
I’ve started a new little podcast thing called “I can’t Deutsch”, which is my legitimate attempt to win a Grimme Online Prize next year. The plan was to do a podcast a day, except on the days where I couldn’t and there have been a hell of lot of days where I couldn’t do it but when I do get the chance, I thoroughly enjoy doing them.

That’s it for now. More soon.

Good morning.

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