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A bomb in Munich

[vimeo w=500&h=281]
Sprengung der Fliegerbombe / Schwabing, München / 28.8.2012 from Simon Aschenbrenner on Vimeo.

A big old World War II bomb went off in Munich yesterday evening. It was a controlled explosion. A large section of the city had been closed down, people had been evacuated and the university canteen was serving rigatoni in tomato sauce to the people who had suddenly found themselves without a home.  The mood just before the explosion was very odd; it has started to rain a little, it was quite windy and, just to remind us all that the summer has really gone, it had already turned dark. People were muttering about the bomb and were discussing if we would be able to hear the explosion from this side of the city. The bomb went off but I missed it because I had popped inside to go to the toilet.

They had cleaned it before they finally blew it up.

Standing on a bridge.


There’s a bridge, not far from here, that helps me get from one side of the river to the other. The water it crosses is a deep green colour, unless it has been raining up in the Alps, then it is a muddy Thames brown. I like standing on that bridge. It could actually be my favourite spot in Munich. In the summer, the lush green of the banks of the river Isar clash with the Bavarian sky and about this time of year, when the trees are slowly turning, I always get a sense of something close to a perfect autumn.

I go there to have a think. I go there to review my day, my week or my month. I’ve been standing on that bridge quite a lot during the last four months.