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Hi there. If you were either at Operation Ton (Hamburg) or Scholz + Friends Digital Campus (Berlin) you may have seen me talk about some things. Below, you’ll find some things that put those things into some context.

This is Henry Jenkins. Blog here. Books here. I will be doing a thing with Henry in June, tickets here.

I talked, briefly about the Internet being a massive empathy machine and Go and have a look.

This is me becoming Jack.

And here is some progstep by THE INANIMATES which will be kicking off properly soon. THE INANIMATES are built upon and use the whistles of weavrs, which is brilliant. Go and make your virtual personality of the future, today.

THE INANIMATES – an update

So some news on THE INANIMATES. Well, they’re back (they’ve had a rough couple of months apparently).
First up, they have started using pinterest to sort the images coming out of their weavr themes.

Go and have a look. This kind of storytelling thingy approach to pinterest seems to make sense to me. Oh, and they’ve been in the studio again. Here’s their first rough draft for SORROWS:

More soon. Good afternoon.

Echoes of the Internet.

So I launched THE INANIMATES about a week ago and I’m enjoying watching it develop; it’s always fun watching these things grow and entwine themselves into the fabric of the Internet. As I mentioned last week I’m using weavrs again and I promised to talk a little bit about how they fit into the project.

As a band, THE INANIMATES are using the weavrs to inform specific themes, here for example is their weavr for the theme DISTANCES:

They use the weavrs to create stories and build connections between each theme (they’re writing a concept album – I like to think of them as ZTT meets Pink Floyd meets Massive attack). The weavrs have a clever little prosthetic called “whistling” which creates sound files (or whistles) based on how the weavr is set up. They are oddly haunting, like little echoes of the Internet. Here’s a set from the SORROW theme:


THE INANIMATES have been playing around with all of this and released their first rough cut for a DISTANCES prologue (they’re not that happy with it, apparently).

So, we’ve been quietly working away on some things. We’re loving the DISTANCES theme at the moment and so we’ve been playing around with some rough ideas. Chopping, chunking, writing and messing around with the weavr whistles. This is a first rough cut of a possible prologue for DISTANCES; we’re loving the hurdy-gurdy Brecht/Hindemith meets some other stuff – but not much else. Its early days but we thought we’d give you a heads up. Holler. More soon.

Inanimates: Distances Prologue (rough draft) by THE INANIMATES

That’s how I’m building this story on top of the weavrs.

Visit to find out where the band are hanging out.