It has been a while, ages in fact, since I last created a new character; it’s been a busy year with lot’s to do and I simply didn’t have an idea that seemed to work. That has changed though, and today I am very happy to introduce the new project to you. It’s called THE INANIMATES and where my previous characters were individuals THE INANIMATES are a collective:

“Hello, we are THE INANIMATES and we are working on our first album. There are five of us, each working on our own separate themes: DISTANCES, HOMAGE, MONSTER, WASTED and SORROWS.”

The band are using wearvs to influence their work on each of the themes,which I’ll talk about another time (but you all know I love my weavrs). Yes, there will be music. It’s very early days, but you can find the band all over the web and they are already up to a thing or two. Everything is being aggregated here.

It would be smashing if you could follow and get involved.