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Get your friends into Google+. The Invite Workaround.

UPDATE: It looks like google have closed this down. Oh hum.


Oh, hallo. How are you? Google+ is here are you on it? Bit empty isn’t it? Would you like your friends to be on it? Well the invite thingy doesn’t seem to work. Bugger. But there is a way of getting your chums into google+ through, as it were, the back door. Here’s how.


Set up a separate circle for adding chums. I’ve called mine “getting them in”. Then pop your friends email into the “add a friend” and put them into the “getting them in” circle.


Then write a status thingy in google+, a status message especially for the “get them in circle”.


Then they get an email. And they’re in. That’s it. It seems to work, and I’ve got a number of people in this way.