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One Minute Internet

I heard about the events in Japan through Twitter. Then quickly moved over to Al Jazeera but quickly returned to Twitter. As more news came in I started expanding the search columns on Tweetdeck until I finally had columns for #quake #japan #hawaii and #tsunami. The following film records one minute of my Tweetdeck. The film is running at actual speed.


Sad times. Scary times.

Last night’s last paragraph. 1

Barnum statements; words that mean something to everybody depending on the context but actually mean nothing at all; yes, Darren was a master of Barnum statements. He’d worked out years ago that the Internet is to business what religion is to science. People are happy to have their everyday explained by science but when push comes to shove they’ll throw all common sense out of the window, look to the stars, cross themselves, face the north, kiss a relic and even burn a heretic if it stops them from landing in purgatory.

Serenading Unicorn.

You all thought I was mad didn’t you? You all thought my rantings about and hate for unicorns was just a brief phase of insanity. I told you. I warned you.

Enter the Serenading Unicorn.


David warned me about this yesterday evening. It’s taken all night to get over the shock. The Serenanding Unicorn, is some kind of whacky/crazy thing that combines unicorns and chewing gum. EVB have even thrown Kennan Cahill into the mix to make everything that tiny bit more special/whacky/crazy. 


Sadly, unicorns don’t have thumbs so they got Keenan in to beam them over the rainbow in an attempt to find the viral pot of gold, which obviously will not go viral if EMI won’t let you embed the bloody video. (Update – they fixed this).

I bloody hate EMI. I bloody hate SONY Music Entertainment.


I hate unicorns. Good morning.