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Way of the Morris

Tim Plester is my best friend. I’ve known him for many, many years. If you’re English you may have seen him on the television. I’m very proud of him. He has been working on his first feature length documentary for about three years and it is finally finished and ready to go. It’s called, The Way of The Morris and if you’re at SXSW this year you’ll be able to see it.

I was only allowed to see the first five minutes of the film and to be honest they were five minutes that blew me away. Timmy, has started to release official trailers of the film which give you a little indication as to what The Way of the Morris is actually about.


I know that it was bloody hard work getting this film made and that, for Timmy, it was an emotional rollercoaster. I just hope it gets the credit and recognition I know that it deserves.

Well done Timmy.

Battlefield 3, StickyGram, JoyStick Clocks and David Bowie.

A very good morning to you. This morning is full of death in HD, magnets, appropriation and a bloke from London with dodgy hair.

Battlefield 3.


There’s a corner of the Internet going a tiny bit loopy about EA’s new game Battlefield 3, which as you can see from the video above is high definition fun for the whole family. Looks like the perfect game to settle down to after a busy day of engaging with the social web. Here’s hoping that it has some kind of Facebook hook-up because, let’s face it, everyone is going to want a “10 Dead Terrorists” badge on their wall.

If you more the board gaming type but still like to “bring it”, then may I suggest a quick game of Enigma – The Batteship Bar Game.


Thunderbirds are go!

As some of you will know, I’m a huge fan of the iPhone app, Instagram. I spotted StickyGram this morning which I will sadly not be able to use because they don’t do Germany. Divvies.

Joy Sticks that wake you up.

Wake up to the morning glory that is a Joy Stick Alarm clock. Lovely things made by Roger Ibars. I actually want one of these.

David Bowie.

[vimeo 16974132 w=400 h=325]

Cracked Actor from georgelazenby on Vimeo.

I adore David Bowie, so this 51 minute documentary by Alan Yentob is a lovely little find. Watch it. It’s ace. Good morning.


John Cena Shot Dead, Thumb Cats, Kittens, Charlie Sheen and a German Minister.

Part of my new job is to watch the web. Clever people who wear suits and ties might call this monitoring but I call this watching the web. My dad calls it surfing. I’ve been doing this for a while and it’s interesting to see how things have changed around here. I said a couple of years back that we’ll be up shit creek without a padel when the real people turn up here and, well they’re here now.

Here are a few things that are going on, like right now, online.

Thumbcats are go.

You saw the cat that does a thumbs up right? Of course you did. That’s a good Internet thing because it’s got a cat in it. Here it is if you haven’t seen it yet.


Good cat that. Oh, look here are some more cats; they too have thumbs and they’re selling some milk.


Betrum Thumbcat has a facebook fanpage too. It has fans and everything. Great agency, great work, shit security

Another thing I spotted was a rumored return of ThunderCats.


Goose bump stuff.

Death, birthdays and Interviews.

Aparently, John Cena has been shot dead, which, if true is very sad indeed. I’m a big fan (this may surprise you) of WWE and quite liked John and hope this is just some ropey reporting but twitter is going a bit nuts right now on the subject.

Charlie Sheen has apparently just called up Howard Stern and the call turned into a car crash. This, according to the real people of twitter is news, oh and of course it’s Justin Biebers birthday so twitter will be down any minute now.

Minister of Defense.

The Germans are concentrating on the more important things, like the blue blooded defense minister, Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg. He buggered off out it today because of being a tiny bit naughty with his PhD and this is really, really important. Obviously.

And finally. Kittens.


Placekitten helps out when Lorem Ipsum just isn’t enough. This is what the Interwebs are like when there isn’t a revolution going on. This is what the fuss is about. This is what companies are trying to engage with. So how is your deep media, strategy coming on? It’s a tiny bit silly, isn’t it?