Mobile blogging!


Good evening. This post was written on my mobile phone. With an app. It took ages to write, has no relevanz what so ever but, HEY, it’s the year of the mobile, AGAIN, so… oh, for fuck’s sake, this takes ages to type … I’ll use the handy the voice to text…

hi dieses Marktes als Vorreiterin mein Handy geblockt heißt Folie ein Gefängnis und Siri Cisco des Termins heute verhaftet Hi Andy Frank O Eismund zu sein simpeler Penis in Tragweite Player Pro einschießen Nacht Papa das schon machte eine Wahl…

Oh, Penis.

Photo Blogging

Neither Food blogging, nor Expert blogging appeared to ring the Huffington Post Germany’s bell. Did I get a call?  No. An email? No. I must try harder, obviously. So today, I’m going to have a go at photo blogging and I thought I’d document the drama and passion of walking to work. I should point out that it is currently drizzling in Munich and the light isn’t great – which kind of ruins everything. Everything. Anyway.

IMG_0060This is what I see when I leave our flat. Normally I see my wife, but she was of doing something with the car (fixing it probably) so I was on my own this morning.  I’m afraid of heights.

IMG_0061Then I stand in front of the doors to the lift. I normally look at my wife, but she’s not here this morning.

IMG_0062Then I get in the lift. It has buttons and glass and lights and everything.

IMG_0064Outside, on the street, on the corner, there is a cafe. They have put up their Christmas decorations. I hate Christmas.

IMG_0066This is tracht. I can see it. I took a photograph of it. #nofilter.


A little later I walk past a wall. The wall of a school. It has been painted by children. I hate this painted wall. Paint it white for heaven’s sake and let the vandals spray on it.


Then I get to the corner of this street. I always have to wait at the lights here. It’s always red. Everybody in Munich hates this corner. It is a bastard corner.

IMG_0077And then I get to work. I work at We Are Social. This is the back of my boss. My boss is called Bastian. We’ve put a sticker on the back of his chair so that he can remember that he is the boss and his name is Bastian.

I am now drinking a coffee.

Good morning.

Expert Blogging

Yesterday I decided that food blogging might be good. It isn’t. It’s dreadfully dull and I’m pretty sure my Nic Nacs post didn’t inspire Huffington Post Germany. So, today, I’m trying my hand at being an expert blogger. I’m sure this will rock their world. I spent ages on this (my lunch break – and I’ve only eaten the Wunderbar, which was very tasty). I’ve made a presentation.

Good afternoon.