Food blogging.

As I mentioned yesterday I won’t be writing for the Huffington Post Germany because they haven’t asked me to do so (and never will) . I had a long hard think for about five minutes after writing that post and came to the conclusion that maybe, just maybe, it’s my fault. There is, after all, no coherence to this blog.

Maybe, just maybe, they’ll ask me to write for them if I started blogging about something. Something like food. So I’m going to try my hand at food blogging.

a packet of Nic Nacs

This is a packet of Nic Nacs. I procured the packet at a supermarket. Nik Nacs are dead nice. Really tasty. Double crunchy. You can either eat them on their own or with other food. They’re also delicious when accompanied with a nice beer or a glass of fizzy pop.

Tomorrow I’ll be trying out a Cadbury Wunderbar.

Good afternoon.

Why I won’t be writing for Huffington Post Germany

They didn’t ask me (and probably never will).

In other news: would the idiot SEO spammer kindly stop trying to improve the SEO of this blog. Have you actually read the rubbish I post here? Do you seriously think that I’m interested in anything – anything you have to say? Do you serious think that anyone is interested in anything I have to say? No. Obviously not. Now, bugger off.

Good afternoon.

20 ridiculously odious things that I’ve been forced to write about myself during my lunch break.

Yeah, someone threw a stick. Meike threw it. Because I’m a tiny bit afraid of her I’m actually going to write a list of 20 odious things about myself.

  1. I’m not really good at eating. Plates piled up with food scare the living day lights out of me. I live in Munich, which means that I basically live in a constant state of abject terror.
  2. I drink stupid amounts of Red Bull.
  3. I have created a cocktail with Red Bull called Captain Blue Bear. I drank it once. I can’t remember anything about that evening.
  4. I once tap danced on national television.
  5. I rarely shave.
  6. I shave in the shower with a cheap plastic razor that only has one blade. I don’t use shaving foam and I shave without using a mirror.
  7. I am not ashamed to admit that I am really rather fond of “Toxic” by Britney Spears.
  8. I have more shoes than my wife.
  9. The Sonic Youth song “Wish Fulfilment” is 3 minutes 27 seconds long. This is exactly how long it takes me to get from my flat to work and kind of makes up for being really rather fond of “Toxic” by Britney Spears.
  10.  I am already a tiny bit bored of writing this list
  11. I started smoking when I was 14 years old. Then I gave up. Then I started again.
  12. I will never move back to the United Kingdom.
  13. My basic, standard, emotional state is angry.
  14. The Hulk is my favourite Avenger.
  15.  It took me 24 years to learn to swim.
  16.  There is a Snickers on my desk.
  17.  I was very upset at the end of Breaking Bad.
  18. The best graffiti that I have ever seen was in a bar in Frankfurt – “Mein Freund ist Offenbacher”.
  19. I like breaking rules.

That’s it. I should through this stick to someone else but I have no idea to throw it at. Sorry.